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The project

The Furzer Street Precinct is a Land Development Agency (LDA) project, managed on behalf of the ACT Government, which will see a significant investment in enhancing the vibrancy and liveability of the western Woden Town Centre in Phillip. The project mainly involves revitalising the area between Furzer Street and Melrose Drive, including Block 16 Section 3 and Block 8 Section 9 to the north and south of Aviation House.

Enhancing the Furzer Street Precinct will provide improved amenities, facilities and infrastructure for the local community and surrounding workers. This will include high quality public spaces, a new multi-level parking facility with ground-level business opportunities, upgraded intersections and new motor vehicle, cycling and pedestrian connections across the site.


The Estate Development Plan provides significant urban renewal for the area that takes into account sustainability and design excellence. The key features of the project include:

  • Developing a new multi-level car parking facility.
  • Installing traffic lights to upgrade the Worgan Street and Corinna Street intersection with Melrose Drive.
  • Realigning Corinna Street.
  • Developing a new, high-quality public park.
  • Establishing bike lanes along Melrose Drive.
  • Establishing pedestrian crossings and new footpaths across the site and reconstructing existing paved areas where work is required.
  • Establishing new on-street parking bays along Furzer Street.
  • Significant improvements to public open space, including new landscaping and verge improvements within the site.


  • Increased parking facilities offering more than 140 additional parking spaces compared to the two former surface car parks combined.
  • Safer traffic conditions for drivers, cyclists and pedestrians.
  • Better traffic flow for all road users.
  • Improved amenity for local residents and workers.
  • Better and safer access to the adjacent shopping centre, businesses, facilities and residential areas.

What to expect

  • Notification of car parking changes and alternative car parking arrangements.
  • Security fence surrounding the former car park construction site. Unauthorised access is not permitted.
  • Construction work will occur between 7am and 5pm Monday to Friday.
  • Weekend and/or night work may be required to reduce impact/duration of work. Advanced notification will be provided.
  • Signs advising road users of the changed traffic conditions, including detours and reduced speed limits around the project site.
  • Restricted pedestrian access in some areas of the project site. Signs will be posted showing alternative arrangements for pedestrians and cyclists.
  • Access to private properties will be maintained and traffic controllers may be engaged to provide additional assistance where required.
  • Surrounding buildings, businesses, local residents and motorists will be notified of impacts, changes to local traffic conditions and relevant project development progress.
  • Please drive carefully through and around the site, take note of traffic management signs and continue to be mindful of other motorists, cyclists and pedestrians as everyone adjusts to the changing conditions in the area.

Project update

The surface car park south of Aviation House closed to the public on 12 April 2015. Construction work to revitalise this site and the surrounding area is well underway and site is currently a construction zone. A security fence has been put up to maintain the safety of site workers and members of the public. Please take note of the warning and safety signs at the site access points and on the security fencing surrounding the site. Unauthorised access is not permitted.

Current work

The LDA is mindful of the impacts to motorists and people using the area and is working closely with contractors to minimize the impact as much as possible, while also ensuring the safety of site workers and members of the public. 

Worgan Street upgrade

Work to upgrade the Melrose Drive and Worgan Street intersection, including the addition of new traffic signals, is now complete.

Corinna Street upgrade and realignment

The northern end of Corinna Street currently curves to meet Melrose Drive. Realigning Corinna Street will improve safety and traffic flow and allow construction of a new park.

Work to upgrade and realign Corinna Street commenced in December 2015 and is expected to be completed by May 2016.

The realignment will involve:

  • Establishing a new road, Little Corinna Street, to link the original Melrose Drive / Corinna Street intersection in a straight line to Furzer Street.
  • Creating a straight end to Corinna Street to meet the new Little Corinna Street with a T- junction.
  • Making the existing Corinna Street curve a turn-off into the Woden Senior Citizens club. The existing exit onto Corinna St will be closed and landscaped to create a circular, one-way driveway from the club’s current car park.
  • Providing new footpaths and pedestrian crossings along Corinna Street/Little CorinnaStreet.
  • New traffic lights at the Melrose Drive / Corinna Street intersection, which will include signalised pedestrian crossings.

Furzer Street upgrade

Final work along Furzer Street to establish new on-street parking bays, footpath and landscaping.

Landscaping and new public park

  • A new high-quality public park will link the development and the public library to the shopping precinct in the Woden Town Centre. The park will include new paved areas, bench seating, stone retaining walls, grassed area and new tree and native plantings. Several existing trees will be retained.
  • New landscaping between Melrose Drive and the new development.
  • New landscaping and paved walkways along Little Corinna Street, Furzer Street, the road adjacent to Aviation House and the new frontage to the Senior Citizens Club.
  • Landscaping will include rain gardens, which will enhance the streetscapes and provide an environmental solution to urban stormwater runoff.

Artist impression o f the Furzer Street Precinct master plan for Section 9 Phillip. Includes the realigned Corinna Street, landscape works and new public park.

Any dust, noise and vibration impacts are being managed in line with regulations and minimised as much as possible.

Surrounding paths along the Corinna Street and Furzer Street boundaries remain fenced off for construction work. Please use alternative footpaths along the opposite side of the road or as directed by intermittent signs.

Please note: Times are subject to change due to unforeseen circumstances such as weather. We will communicate any changes as soon as possible.

Work/activities completed

  • Artist impression o f the specially designed external facade of Skypark Carpark on Section 3 Phillip.  Two Estate Development Plan Development Applications were lodged with public consultation undertaken in May 2012 and, following revisions in line with the first consultation, September 2013.
  • In April 2013, the surface car park north of Aviation House was released and sold at auction for the purposes of a structured car park and mixed used development.
  • The car park north of Aviation House and south of the nearby Woden Tradesman’s Union Club closed in February 2014.
  • The new multi-level Skypark Carpark opened on 7 April 2015. This car park is managed by a private operator and provides more than 940 parking spaces, including motorcycle parking and designated mobility disability parking spaces. Please visit the Skypark Carpark website for specific queries including parking rates and pre-paid parking fees.
  • The former Furzer Street car park, south of Aviation House closed in April 2015 and the site was fenced to start construction work.
  • The upgrade to Furzer Street including establishing two on-road raised pedestrian crossings, was completed in September 2015. Access to local car parks was maintained at all times with regular updates to surrounding building tenants about road, traffic and construction changes. The Melrose Drive and Worgan Street intersection was upgraded including the relocation of stormwater pipes,  installation of new traffic lights, pedestrian linkages and line markings and verge improvements.
  • Excavation works occurred on the former Furzer Street surface car park.
  • Asbestos Containing Materials (ACM) has been discovered onsite. The asbestos is in bonded form and the removal process is being managed in accordance with all ACT legislative requirements. This poses no health threat to workers, people passing the site or nearby offices/businesses. More information on the ACM found and asbestos in general has been provided to surrounding buildings, businesses and nearby residents.

Contact us

Please refer to the frequently asked questions (FAQs) for more information. If you have any other queries about the Furzer Street Precinct, please call the Land Development Agency on 6205 0600 or email [email protected]


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